Private Fund Investing: Centralized & Simplified

Welcome to the 21st Century of Private Fund Investing.

Modernizing the Private Fund Ecosystem is No Easy Task- But a Necessary One.

Access to the most talented human capital in the investment industry is important, but why should it come with such an arduous and dated transactional environment?
Contrast the private fund industry to the alternative ETF markets available through any online trading platform. An investor completes a single account profile, executes digital transactions in one place, obtains balances in one place, and can gain access to liquidity in seconds- either through transaction execution, or utilizing Reg T margin to manage individual liquidity and tax management needs.
Imagine if an investor had to complete a multi-page subscription agreement, submit KYC and AML documentation, and walk into their bank to send a wire to fund every purchase of a public stock or ETF? What if they needed to log on to every one of those companies’ or ETF’s website to obtain the value of their investment?
While we may be among the most sophisticated investors in the investment industry, the current transaction and reporting environment for private funds lacks sufficient technology, liquidity and data security; it is dated, duplicative, highly fragmented, decentralized and paper-intense.
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As investors, we need to provide the same qualification and identification information multiple times; transmit and obtain reporting information via multiple administrative access points, and use scanners and email to transmit highly sensitive information. Our ability to make merit-based investment decisions, manage our cash flow and tax obligations, and swiftly capitalize on key investment opportunities is challenged, given that the gap between the liquidity of our private funds’ underlying assets and the liquidity available to us as investors is often too wide.
BridgePort is committed to modernizing the private fund investment experience, through smart technology, key constituent alignment, and a refined and streamlined ecosystem.


Leverage the power of a digital subscription profile, centralize all your private fund transactions and reports, analyze and customize your private fund liquidity- all through a single, secure SaaS platform.


A fully encrypted, digital subscription profile for investors, centralized transaction and reporting environment, custom liquidity optionality, and prospect access to BridgePort 3D™.

Third-Party Administrators

A custom, white-labeled UI to provide clients with a digital transaction & reporting platform, and custom deployment of our universal investor subscription profile (OneDoc™).

Wealth Managers

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Your Security is Paramount

BridgePort utilizes multiple enhanced security protocols for data privacy and protection:

  • AWS Cloud hosted platform, with world-class security, meeting SOC1/ISAE 3402, SOC2, SOC3 assurance programs*
  • End-to-End (E2E) digital encryption for maximum data privacy
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for identity protection
  • Routine third-party penetration testing
  • User-controlled permission protocol for authorized delegates and interested parties

*Additional assurances include FISMA, DIACAP, FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27018

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BridgePort 3D

A Due Diligence Database, available to Subscribing entity managers to provide prospective investors secure access to their entity(s)’ Master Entity Profile (MEP) which includes key entity terms, documents, historical manager correspondence and performance, as well as other related information.